Official Holme on Spalding Moor Parish Council Site

Below is a list of all current PC Committee's and members of each committee. 

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are on all committee's by default.

Burial Committee

Ian Baxter, Ann Dowson, Madge Johnson, Ernest Smith, Anthea Waudby

Emergency Plan Committee

Ann Dowson, Margaret Hobson

Severe Weather Committee

Margaret Hobson

Village Hall representatives

Ian Baxter, Ernest Smith, Anthea Waudby

Grapevine Committee

Mike Worsey, Madge Johnson, Tim Laverack

Conservation Committee

Ann Dowson

Complaints Committee

Ian Baxter, Tim Laverack, Madge Johnson, Anthea Waudby

Youth Club Committee

Tim Laverack, Grant Walker

A Play Area and Commuted Sum Committee 

Anthea Waudby

Neighbourgood Watch Committee Madge Johnson, Grant Walker, Mike Worsey