Photograph of the month October 2021 – details

Holme Feast Carnival Queens with their retinues pose for a photograph before a parade around the village followed by the ‘Crowning Ceremony’ on the roundabout at the fairground (for fairground ride see second photograph). Holme Feast took place annually for a week beginning on the first Sunday after 10th September. Queen crowning was Friday of that week. Children’s sports took place the next Saturday with a free tea following.

The photograph shows 1949 Dorothy Smith and 1950 Frances Edmunds who were the Queens.

Left to right – Edna Holtby, Margaret Mathews, Eileen Hall, Rosamund Eland, Nancy Duffield, Dorothy Smith, Frances Edmunds, Dorothy Wright, Shirley Holtby, Phyllis Atkinson, Gladys Mooring.

The photograph was taken on the square of grass which was in the road behind the Old School – the area is now tarmac. The row of buildings in the background housed Sweeting’s Butchers, Smith and Johnson Sweets etc. shop and Pearson’s fish and chip shop.

Photograph courtesy Mrs. Sheila Smith. Please do not take copies of the photograph without permission.